Oh Jesus!"

My Image of the month is a photogaph of my TV screen. Haliburton ambush in Iraq caught on video Sept 20, 2006.

I could not help being amazed by the power of the video. Showing a man left alone in a stalled truck in the middle of a sniper attack as he captured the whole experience on video tape.

The video, shot on Sept. 20, 2005 by KBR truck driver Preston Wheeler, shows what initially appears to be a routine convoy of sixteen-wheeler trucks delivering supplies to U.S. troops.

But the convoy enters tiny Iraqi towns along the highway and children begin throwing rocks at the trucks.

As small arms fire intensifies against the truck ahead, Wheeler witnesses the killing of a fellow driver ahead of him. He screams into the radio, "They just killed him! Oh Jesus! Oh, my God!".

The video ends.

— T.W.